Bigcommerce Integration for E-Retail Vendors: the Benefits

Integrations with third parties make services more useful and attractive to a larger number of customers. Bigcommerce integration is among them. Let’s see how it works for e-retail vendors.

Being related and linked to the web, B2B e-Commerce software depends on data exchange. Moreover, it critically depends on customer data, and the only way to get access to it is to integrate with the shopping carts that clients build their stores on. That’s how B2B products get to retrieve, update, add, delete, and synchronize such data as product descriptions, order details, customer names and addresses, tracking numbers, etc.

Apart from being a necessity, shopping cart integrations may make a product richer in features and thus more attractive to a larger number of customers. Plus, they can become a solid competitive advantage.

Why choose Bigcommerce over other integrations

Being a leading shopping cart that powers 60k+ stores from 150+ countries, Bigcommerce makes a wise choice along with other industry giants like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. A well-developed integration with this e-Commerce platform will also mean that all its users need your service, and you can help them since your system is capable of retrieving, updating, and synchronizing all the data necessary.

About integration challenges and how to avoid them

What you will find when integrating with any kind of platform, including Bigcommerce, is that integrations are hard and costly. On average, one integration takes up to 8 weeks and costs several thousands of dollars. After the development process is behind, the ready connection will need to be maintained, which you will pay for too.

To grow functionality and win more clients, you will want to integrate with at least a couple of shopping platforms, and this will mean even more expensive developer work to pay for, not to mention the upkeep and upgrades that each connection will need. In contrast, you could save both time and money by integrating with many platforms via one API.

If this is something you would be interested in doing, API2Cart and 40+ shopping platforms that it supports may become your solution. For details, leave us a message or schedule a quick call on our website.

API2Cart is a unified API provider that establishes integration with 40+ shopping carts, including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc.