Briefly on X-Cart Integration as an Element of a Flexible B2B e-Commerce Solution

Flexible software solutions are capable of meeting the needs of more customers, even if this means processing unusual data. In most cases, it is integrations that make systems such, interactive with a whole lot of other applications.

For the software of e-commerce, connections with third parties often make a vital dependence that is impossible to avoid. Integrations enable the service to work with necessary data from customers’ stores, send it where needed, and update it once a change on one of the other channels that they use occurs.

Integration with shopping carts is the primary connection to make if targeting online sellers because it is what lets B2B vendors access data from stores. For instance, an application might need to retrieve product details or ready product feeds to send items to Amazon, eBay, or comparison shopping engines. Another example is, the app might need to track items on their way to the purchaser, which is impossible without data on shipments.

Apart from being critical to various processes that B2B vendors like inventory management systems, shipping software, or multi-channel retail solutions perform, shopping cart integrations can also make a competitive advantage. By supporting either more or just different platforms the software can help merchants that need their service, competitors outdone.

If wondering what shopping carts to choose to integrate with, consider X-Cart. In 13 years on the market, has grown into a serious solution trusted by more than 33000 online merchants the world over.

If looking to integrate your service or application with X-Cart and other e-commerce platforms, think about API2Cart as a helper. It will let you connect to many shopping carts through one integration and never worry about dealing with new versions of platforms when they come out.

By integrating with shopping carts through one API that API2Cart provides, you can retrieve and manipulate any data from stores that the platform allows to access. If you later happen to need to get information you didn’t know you would, it won’t make a problem.

For details about how API2Cart works and how it could work for your business, contact us with a message. Or try the functionality by creating a trial account.

API2Cart is a unified API provider that establishes integration with 40+ shopping carts, including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc.

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