Lightspeed Integration: A New Possibility for Your B2B SaaS Company

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to sell merchandise online is through eCommerce platforms. Online retailers can seamlessly handle all operational functions, thanks to SaaS applications. That’s why you, as a SaaS service provider, need to consider integrating your SaaS applications with some sort of eCommerce platforms, as there are a lot of advantages for you and your customers with that sort of integration.

Online retailers have a wide variety of retail sites at their disposal. Integrating with shopping sites allows you to attract new customers, and the more shopping platforms your SaaS software solution supports, the greater the possibility of satisfying the demands of a larger number of online store owners.

Lightspeed integration is one more approach to get more consumers and grow the market share. In this article, we will show you why it is important for you, as a SaaS software provider, to integrate your SaaS software with the Lightspeed eCommerce platform.

What Are the Benefits of Lightspeed Integration?

Lightspeed is a simple eCommerce platform that enables developing a streamlined and fully featured app-supported online store. Although Lightspeed is a relatively young eCommerce builder, the corporation has been around for a while and has branches all over the world. Until 2016, Lightspeed was mostly a POS vendor but now has over $12 billion in annual sales and about 27,000 clients. Lightspeed has many different services, including inventory monitoring, marketing tools, advanced analytics, customization of products, and many more.

The integration with Lightspeed is the first phase for you as a SaaS App provider to take advantage of new market possibilities. By integrating your SaaS software solutions with Lightspeed, you attract and suit the needs of a new audience.

If you are a provider of SaaS solutions need to connect with hundreds of retail platforms and carts to get more clients around the world, along with Lightspeed.

No matter what, you need to be aware that doing so needs substantial technical expertise to attempt to access consumer data on various systems since each system has its way of storing data. Therefore, implementing multiple integration procedures will require a substantial amount of time and major capital investment, as we will explain below.

What Challenges You May Face When Developing Shopping Cart Integration?

Since each system has its logic, every integration has several particular challenges. When integrating different platforms, it will require a lot of time and a great deal of experience to understand each system. Integration with shopping sites causes numerous problems, some of which are described below:

  • It is not a good decision to incorporate integration on your own since you might not be certain of the technological challenges of such shopping platforms. To do this task, you would want to have a highly skilled development team.
  • Integration is a complicated challenge that involves endless struggle, expertise, and knowledge as well. It could take at least a couple of months to complete a specific integration. You can then imagine how long it will take the developers to build various integrations with eCommerce platforms and sites.
  • The launch of their updated versions is perhaps the greatest challenge. Your developers could have planned integrations that rely on earlier iterations of the eCommerce platforms. Therefore you can experience some problems when attempting to get new versions of data.

All these factors make it very difficult to integrate shopping platforms, so it is important to find a way to make it easier.

The Solution to Easy Lightspeed Integration

Integration with various shopping platforms requires enormous time, resources, and effort, as described above. The excellent news is that Lightspeed integration can be easily implemented with the API2Cart unified API. The service allows integrating with more than 40 eCommerce platforms at once such as Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, OpenCart, BigCommerce, including Lightspeed.

API2Cart has already developed integration with leading shopping platforms that save your time, money, and resources. You can easily get access to the store-based data from any eCommerce platform supported by API2Cart. Moreover, it allows you to test the service for 30 days absolutely for free.

API2Cart is a unified API provider that establishes integration with 40+ shopping carts, including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc.