Magento Integration as a Chance for Business Growth

Since the dotcom era time, it has become usual to have a good website and sell goods online in order to conduct profitable e-Business. Moreover, the latest researches show that the digital industry is growing by almost 20 percent every year and it is no wonder that its needs and demands are increasing too. Thus, “online services” is the term that has also appeared in e-Commerce.

In case you provide re-pricing, mobile commerce, order management, PIM, multi-channel, or any other e-Commerce related service, it is obvious that you have a strong desire to offer a high-quality e-service and win a competition in your niche. Magento API integration may become your serious competitive advantage that will help you to conquer the market you are working at.

Among the variety of different shopping platforms that are presented nowadays, Magento takes a top position. And there is no wonder as it has been one of the most trusted solutions all over the world for years. Magento powers 26% of e-Commerce stores that is equal to more than 240 000 online shops. Thus establishing quick, user-friendly and secure integration with Magento is a crucial factor of success for any e-Commerce service provider.

However, Magento integration is not as simple as it may seem to be. The processes that are connected with data manipulations appear to be rather complicated and require strong technical expertise and experience. Moreover, hardcode integration is not an option in long-run perspective since it is hard to maintain and support. As the latest experience of such giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook showed — API is a proper tool to achieve top-notch results in integrating multiple types of software.

With the help of API you will be able to retrieve, update and sync various data from your clients’ stores on Magento and integrate it with your soft. The robust solution for this issue is API2Cart, a unified shopping cart integration service which supports all Magento versions and editions. Furthermore, new versions are constantly added. This makes your integration with Magento easy to handle and support.

Moreover, API2Cart has all the necessary experience and expertise — we’ve already integrated Magento for dozens of customers that provide services for 1000+ clients. As a result API2Cart already serves 4 mln API calls per month which is definitely not a limit.

In order to meet customers’ needs and requirements API2Cart helps to empower such e-Commerce systems:

  • Mobile commerce. Easily add new products to an e-store and m-store simultaneously including variants, options, categories, manufactures, currencies, taxes, etc.
  • Accounting system, comparison shopping engines and reprising system. Get and update orders’ list, prices, customers’ info, product count and other data in order to process this data within your system and provide your customers with the best experience.
  • Analytics system. Get products, product prices, customers with related information as well as orders with order statuses in order to collect all the necessary data for your analytics system.
  • Social commerce. Get new products from eCommerce shop and publish the information on social network. As well as retrieve order and customer information from social commerce page and return it to eCommerce store.
  • E-mail marketing. Retrieve and sync data, including customers’ name and customers’ e-mail addresses.
  • Inventory management. Retrieve information on inventory and stock levels as well as pass new products to store database.
  • Order management. Retrieve and add orders, update prices, quantities, comments and many others. Moreover, easily gather and analyze data about stock quantity and inform your customers about its lack.

API2Cart is a kind of revolution with the help of which your e-Commerce software can benefit from. The main advantages are as follow:

  • Flexibility and scalability. You are able to add as many Magento shops as it is needed because API2Cart can handle unlimited number of clients stores.
  • Work at a high pace. API2Cart provides you with a possibility to update, add or sync 10+ orders, customers and products just in 3 seconds.
  • Get security guarantee. To access the system you are provided with unique 32 symbol API Key.
  • Tech support. In order to satisfy all the programmers’ needs, the full product support is provided. Furthermore, it is possible to broaden the functionality on your demand.

API2Cart is a universal “key” to Magento integration. It provides a unified interface that optimizes your work with Magento and provides you with competitive advantage in e-Commerce market. Moreover, API2Cart offers you an opportunity to integrate with 30+ other shopping carts. Thus, you will increase your potential audience and as a result — your income.

Don’t waste your time, empower your e-Business soft with API2Cart which provides Magento Integration at ease. Let our expert help you! Schedule a consultation.

API2Cart is a unified API provider that establishes integration with 40+ shopping carts, including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc.