Top 21 eCommerce Influencers You Should be Following in 2020

The influence of social media is transforming online retailers every day. They look to influencers in eCommerce to help them determine which eCommerce services and products to acquire to suit their exclusive online stores.

SaaS software providers can engage and acquire loyal customers through online media platforms via influencer marketing. They need to look for eCommerce influencers who are well associated with related social media websites, online forums, and associations. Interaction with business-specific influencers will help them to grow brand recognition on the market.

That’s why we bring together a collection of 21 popular eCommerce influencers who would be interesting for any SaaS App provider and who can bring them many potential clients.

Top eCommerce Influencers

1. Richard Lazazzera (@RichardABLS)

2. Zia Daniell Wigder (@zdwigder)

3. Andrew Youderian (@youderian)

4. Steve Chou (@mywifequit)

5. Amy Porterfield (@amyporterfield)

6. Brian Beck (@beckecommerce)

7. Nathan Huppatz (@huppy)

8. Nathan Hirsch (@realNateHirsch)

9. Tracey Wallace (@tracewall)

10. Tim Peter (@tcpeter)

11. Armando Roggio (@EcommerceBoy)

12. Jason Del Rey (@DelRey)

13. Felix Thea (@FelixThea)

14. Austin Brawner (@a_brawn)

15. Kunle Campbell (@KunleCampbell)

16. Peep Laja (@peeplaja)

17. Steve Hutt (@stevenhutt)

18. Ben Marks (@benmarks)

19. Mike Wittenstein (@mikewittenstein)

20. Micah Solomon (@micahsolomon)

21. Tobias Lütke (@tobi)

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