Top Reasons to Develop Ecwid Integration in 2022

Features of the Ecwid API

The Main Reasons for the Development of Ecwid Integration

  • You can get unlimited access to all Ecwid e-shop data. Then you can use this data to promote your eCommerce B2B software to all these store owners and thus expand your business.
  • Increase your market share. As Ecwid is an increasingly popular platform that is constantly evolving, you will be able to develop your SaaS software as never before and attract hundreds of thousands of potential customers from over 175 countries.
  • Improve your services. When you start providing your services to Ecvid sellers, you can become the best in what you do.
  • Increase your income. In the end, Ecwid integrating with your software can bring you many new customers, allowing you to outdo your competitors and get an unfair advantage in your niche.

How to Connect Your Software with Ecwid?

  1. Internal integration development means that you will have to hire a team of developers and teach them to create an integration for you. However, that method can be quite expensive and labor-intensive.
  2. API integration through third-party services is another popular option. This approach has a number of advantages — it is usually much cheaper and faster than its own development, and you do not need to worry about training or managing a team of developers.
  • orders: order.count/ list/ info/ status.list/ shipment.add/ shipment.update/;
  • products: product.list/ count/ info/ find/;
  • customers: customer.list/ count/ info;
  • categories: category.list/count/ info.




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