What is the Amazon Shopping cart API?

4 min readApr 11, 2023

The eCommerce world involves various tasks requiring online business owners to employ different eCommerce software. This software relies on data from online stores created on multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces.

Many online stores are present on different marketplaces, and one of the most famous marketplaces today is Amazon. Consequently, any software provider aiming to collaborate with e-merchants who sell through Amazon must establish integration with this marketplace and utilize its API.

Various software solutions can access crucial data on products, orders, categories, and customer information required for multiple operations through integration. This article examines the Amazon shopping cart API and its key features.

What Is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which aims to facilitate communication between two software applications. An API acts as a mediator, ensuring that data is exchanged smoothly and accurately so that each application can use it effectively. APIs provide a practical solution for integration projects, dedicating time and effort by allowing developers to avoid building new components from scratch.

eCommerce software uses APIs to access data from marketplaces and perform its core functions. For example, the Amazon shopping cart API enables third-party software to connect with this marketplace and retrieve information related to orders, products, and customers through API requests.

API requests allow a web application to send a question to an API, which can recover data or other content and return it to the application. As a result, API requests make it much easier for developers to quickly, reliably, and securely access the information they need for their applications. By providing API requests to developers, API providers have simplified previously tedious and time-consuming tasks into streamlined processes. Additionally, API requests allow applications to integrate with external services by requesting data from those services in standard protocols.

API of Amazon

As the most extensive online marketplace, Amazon offers brands worldwide the opportunity to showcase their products in the eCommerce industry. Amazon’s API allows software and app developers to integrate their technologies with Amazon and provide solutions to Amazon sellers.

Amazon provides eCommerce software and application developers access to its data through the Amazon API. For example, with the Amazon shopping cart API, eCommerce software can retrieve information about listings, orders, payments, reports, and other marketplace data. Additionally, Amazon permits using its APIs to transfer store data related to seller profiles, product reviews, seller feedback, and additional information on the site.

However, before integrating your software with Amazon API, it is essential to research specific issues associated with the process. For example, Amazon API is aged and inflexible, which makes it problematic for developers to use. Amazon also requires developers to work with CSV files or XML when accessing product and shipment information. Developing reliable interactions between software and the marketplace using Amazon API requires a specialized skill set.

Key to Amazon API

Integration with Amazon API is essential for software providers who wish to offer their solutions to Amazon sellers. Access to necessary data is crucial, as, with it, their answers will be helpful to Amazon sellers.

For example, multi-channel software requires order data from Amazon to track and manage orders, create shipments, update order statuses, and generate detailed reports. Similarly, shipping management systems are software programs that rely on Amazon order data to allow users to monitor inventory levels and create shipments, shipping labels, and other related tasks.

Amazon Integration Development

Amazon integration development refers to integrating software or applications with Amazon’s APIs to enable data exchange between the two solutions. The primary objective of Amazon Integration Development is to streamline business processes, automate tasks, and reduce manual efforts involved in managing Amazon store operations.

The development process involves writing code that can interact with Amazon APIs to retrieve and process data related to products, orders, customers, and other marketplace information. Developers can use various programming languages and tools to build integrations. Still, they must understand Amazon APIs, data structures, and workflows well to ensure seamless data exchange between the two platforms.

API2Cart is a service that enables the integration of Amazon shopping cart API. This service lets you connect your eCommerce software to over 40 shopping platforms and marketplaces simultaneously, including major players like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, eBay, Etsy, and many others.

Through its unified API, you can access data from multiple shopping platforms simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate integrations. Additionally, it provides over 100 API methods to manage various data related to orders, products, customers, shipments, and categories.

API2Cart also handles all necessary maintenance and upgrades after integration development. Choosing this integration service can save you time, money, and resources.




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